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Whiten and Brighten Your Teeth

Smile with confidence this Summer!


Here at Horfield Dental Care we offer a range of simple, safe and effective whitening treatments; tailored to meet your expectations.

Teeth can become darker due to ageing and staining, our whitening systems can gently lift the stains away and whiten the natural colour of your teeth to create a stunning result.



If you’re interested, then register with us by booking an initial examination- which includes all necessary X-rays for £37.50 and we can talk you through all your cosmetic options/questions. Click HERE to use our EASY online booking system. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!



New Year’s Resolution

What’s your New Year’s resolution? If it’s to start looking after your smile; then let us help you at Horfield Dental Care.

New patient examinations including all necessary X-rays are only £37.50 (Promotion until March 2017). Unlike your medical records, no previous dental records are required so you can easily register and book – online! Click here.

Whether you’re looking for a simple check-up or to create a beautiful smile, our friendly, professional and experienced team are here to help you every step of the way.

Here are a few bitsize tips from our dental team to help you look after your teeth:

Brush twice daily, once in the morning and then before bed time. If you want to use mouthwash we recommend a thorough rinse after lunch.

Leave the toothpaste in your mouth after brushing and avoid rinsing your mouth out with water. Flouride in toothpaste helps to protect your teeth and stengthens the enamel.

Clean between your teeth. We recommend daily flossing, or if you find that too tricky then try interdental brushes (tepes), our dentists and hygienists can show you which size to use and how to use them effectively.

Reduce the frequency of sugar. Sugar causes dental decay and excessive plaque leading to gum disease. Be aware of ‘hidden’ sugars. Drinks such as fruit smoothies can contain high levels of natural sugars.

Stop smoking. Smoking causes mutiple problems from bad breath and staining of teeth, to tooth loss and oral cancer.

Come and visit us regularly. We can help you maintain your healthy teeth and gums. Regular visits allow us to spot problems early and prevent them from progressing.

Finally….We look forward to seeing you in 2017 Happy New Year!