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Although amazing progress has been made in the field of dentistry, tooth loss remains an issue. Often tooth loss is due to poor diet and oral hygiene, while in other instances the cause is illness or traumatic injury. Whatever the reason, Horfield Dental Care offers a versatile and affordable treatment in the form of removable dentures.

What types of dentures are available?

We offer partial and complete dentures, both of which are removable and made from either a safe and comfortable dental acrylic or a strong lightweight metal.

  • Partial dentures: These dentures replace a limited number of teeth. They are supported by the gums and surrounding teeth.
  • Complete dentures: Standard complete dentures replace a full set of upper and lower teeth and use suction to stay in place.

The type of denture we recommend for you will depend on; how many teeth need to be replaced, your overall dental health, and whether or not dental implants will be required to secure the appliance in place.

How are dentures prepared and fitted?

Denture construction will usually taken 3-4 visits. On your first visit your dentist will take upper and lower impressions of your mouth and send it to a dental laboratory.

During your next visits we will use our cosmetic expertise to help you choose the colour and appearance of the denture, so that the resulting appliance matches your own gums and teeth. We will include preparatory steps such as further more accurte impressions, recording the dimensions of your bite, checking the clarity of your speech, and confirming that the appliance looks and feels natural. Once everything is to your satisfaction, the denture will be returned to the lab to be created.

The natural-looking and attractive dentures available at Horfield Dental Care will enable you to create a healthy and intact smile once more. For more information, please call us today.

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