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Cosmetic Braces

Are you embarrassed to smile in photos? Consciously covering your mouth when laughing? Do you feel that you need braces but you are not sure where to start? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of adults have misaligned teeth that they are desperate to straighten. Patients often feel embarrassed about their less than perfect smile yet fears about the appearance and costs of braces often prevent them from speaking a dentist to learn about the latest options available.

Fixed  White braces

At Horfield Dental Care our Dentists are accredited and experienced to provide a selection of fixed clear braces that discreetly straighten your teeth. After a comprehensive assessment for suitability, they work exactly like traditional metal braces but take a shorter period of time, they are much more gentle, comfortable and attractive, making them a perfect solution for adults who need braces.


Contact Horfield Dental Care today for more information about our comfortable and discreet teeth-straightening systems in Bristol. We’ll help you get that perfectly straight smile without compromising on aesthetics.

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