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Mouth Cancer Screening

The team at Horfield Dental is not only dedicated to your brilliant and healthy smile, we are also committed to your overall well being. Our holistic approach to dental therapy includes mouth cancer screening.

We include mouth cancer screening as part of your routine dental examination. Your dentist will look for cancerous and precancerous symptoms like the following:

  • Red or white sores or spots anywhere in your mouth
  • Sores that bleed easily or fail to heal properly
  • Pain or numbness anywhere on your lips or in your mouth
  • Lumps, thickened skin, or rough spots
  • Problems moving your tongue or jaw
  • Difficulties speaking, chewing, and swallowing

In addition to visually examining your mouth, your dentist will gently feel the tissue of your mouth and throat.

If you notice any sores or other changes in your mouth, let us know immediately. We will investigate all irregularities and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist for the treatment you need to restore you to a better state of oral health.

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